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Villas / October 31, 2019

Here is why we love it: the owners of Beach Club Bali Villa have created a shabby chic hideaway that is perfect for beach lovers but with their kids in mind with special touches like high-speed internet if they need entertaining out of the midday sun, and big areas to run and play in. Romance seekers, surf trainers and the laidback beach-goers will relish in having to wake up with the only decision to make being: do I surf or read on the balcony? Breakfast by the pool bale or the dining table? Tan by that inviting azure-blue pool or down by the beach? Right in front of Beach Club Bali Villa is a high performance wave-break where you can watch the best surfers in the world showcase their skills without needing a pair of binoculars!

Living Room

The ground level is home to the main living and dining areas, kitchen, garden and pool. The living room is an intimate space with plush white couches that overlook the garden and pool. Evenings will be spent laying here, listening to the tales of your family and friends about their day in the water, with the crystal clear pool in full view.

Dining Room

The indoor dining room at Beach Club Bali Villa sits next to the open concept kitchen, separated by a fun long island bar. The table sits eight and looks out on the garden and pool. The kitchen comes fully-equipped and feels very much like your own back home. It has an antique table, iron wood floors and a marble countertop.

Garden & Pool

The pool and garden are immaculately maintained. After a dip in the blue-tiled pool surrounded by lush green hedges, catch a tan on the cool island-style sunbeds. Beach Club Bali Villa also has a private entrance that leads to the beach.