13 Romantic Bali Private Pool Villas Under $100 Per Night

Private Pool Villas Bali

Seminyak / July 5, 2018

Always travel with a travel insurance that includes trip cancelation!
If you are not able make it to the villa or to get to Bali for any reason out of your hands, for example flight cancelation because of volcanic ashes, the insurance should pay for the trip and the villa rental.
Please note that we only refund half of the villa rental, up to 7 days prior to arrival. all other reasons need to be claimed with the insurance company.

Please enjoy your time at the villa, have fun and please be respectful of the people and surrounds.

This property is our home. Please treat it, and leave the Property and all its contents in good order and in an acceptably clean condition.
Any damage or losses caused during the Rental Period, as well as any special cleaning requirements will be
the Guest's responsibility. In cases of excessive or unacceptable loss or damage at any time during the Rental Period,
the Owner or Owner's Representative may require the Guest and their party, including visitors to vacate the Property immediately, without compensation or refund. Smoking is only allowed down stairs outside. smoking inside the bedrooms, kitchen and especially upstairs is absolutely forbidden.

Our insurance does not cover a fire because of smoking upstairs, if the guest smokes upstairs we require the Guest and their party, including visitors to vacate the property immediately, without compensation or refund.

We only recommend to use our car service, self driving or an other driver is possible but 100% on your own risk, we can not be held responsible in any way for the car, motor bike or any way of transport and the passenger(s) if you do not use our car service.

Source: www.airbnb.com.au