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Villas for Rent in Bali Indonesia

Villas / June 4, 2019

The tropical island paradise that is Bali has long since been a dream place to visit for travellers from around the world. Its beautiful beaches, its warm, clear blue waters and the friendliness of its native people have all combined to make Bali a very popular holiday destination. It is worth noting for anyone considering visiting Bali that there is a fabulous level of choice available in holiday villas to let. These villas come in all sizes, to suit almost all budgets, and can be a way of actually making a Bali trip affordable, as well as providing a level of privacy and independence which can not be found in hotels.

Villa Rental Types in Bali

The range of villas which it is possible to rent in Bali will perhaps be considerably greater than anything you have experienced anywhere else. It is not just the variety of locations in which the villas are available for rental that makes this such an attractive option, or the sizes and styles in which they can be found. The additional services that may come as part of your villa rental agreement can be very pleasantly surprising. There are villas for rental which include some or all of a maid, busboy and butler service, a private chef to cook meals to suit your tastes and even a car and driver for the duration of your holiday. These deals can frequently be found at less than what you would pay to stay at a decent hotel on Bali.

What to see in Bali

There is no effective substitute in Bali, in order to see the island to best effect, for taking a guided tour. Where your rental villa does not include a car and driver, this can be achieved by arranging a private car tour, or even one by plane or helicopter. All you have to do is sit and relax and be introduced to the best sights the island has to offer. Many tours will include visits to The Besakih Temple, which is of huge religious importance in Bali and covers almost a whole hillside, it is so vast. Another likely destination is Lake Batur, in the mountainous, volcanic region of Bali, and the views to be appreciated are stunning. The lake sits at the foot of the active volcano that is Mount Batur. There are also many boat tour options around Bali to see the island from a different perspective.