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Wyndhamvr Bali Hai Villas

Villas / November 8, 2018

We stayed at this accommodation for two nights before we went to stay at our final house on Hanalei Bay. It depends on what you are looking for, but to me this place lacked character big time, it's one of those typical timeshare places built on a golf course setting, which could be anywhere on this planet, I didn't have the feeling we were on Kaua'i at all... (except for the great weather)
The first morning we were invited for a continental welcome breakfast, where we could also pick up our parking pass. This turned out to be a shrewd way to lure us into buying excursions, and the even tried to talk us into attending a timeshare presentation.
Not the thing you expect when you just paid almost 600 dollars for a two night stay, this to me was a major turnoff...
The other turnoff was that one of the toilets in the apartment kept spewing other peoples feces, and made the one bedroom smell really bad, not to mention the fact that it made me almost throw up twice ;) But i'm sure this must have been an incidental thing.
On the positive side, it is a very spacious apartment, with a great kitchen full of good kitchen supplies. also a nice patio for a dinner outside, and a jacuzzi in the master bathroom.
> If you are looking for a spacious apartment with total lack of character that could be anywhere on this planet, this could be the place for you! But then again i'm more a person that loves authenticity and history...