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Villa Bali Sayulita

Villas / September 21, 2018

Be very careful with this property, read all of the detailed description. We arrive in Sayulita were we were told to meet the property manager to "take us to the home". This was a slight misunderstanding, when I found her she spoke no English (which I was told just hours before by Linda via message but was told she could understand) While my boyfriend struggled to find parking, I tried talking to her, she had NO idea what I was saying and just kept yelling "Donde Estas?". Luckily my boyfriend spent some time in Spain so he could speak with her in Spanish. She then told us she had to drive with us up to the house (I was crammed into the back with all of the luggage and 4 surfboards so she could sit up front) and we drove for about 15 minutes way up up up in the hills of the jungle. She told my Boyfriend in Spanish that if it rained we would be stuck there as the car couldn't go down on wet roads safety... (scary). The house has no AC and was BOILING HOT. Nothing but a fan covered in dust. There was a slight mildew smell throughout the home. Linda said it took 20 minutes to walk to the town, but the house manager, Monica told my boyfriend we would have to walk through the forest with no lighting and walk through the street. This home, to me and my boyfriend did not look anything like the pictures. Aside from the furniture being the same. The wifi only worked on the porch and even then I had just 1 bar. We ended up leaving, taking a full refund, and booking a hotel room in the heart of Sayulita. BEWARE as it is very far from the city. The mosquitos were a major problem as there are areas of the home which windows are open with no screening. If you are a person who likes and feels safe in solitude, is able to sleep in extremely humid and hot conditions then this is the place for you. If not, I suggest looking elsewhere.