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Villas in Bali with private Pool

Seminyak / March 19, 2018

Experience luxury lifestyle in your tropical modern architectural design suite villa. Open your doors, let in the warm wind and sounds surround you day and night. Beautiful large bed with a mosquito nets can give you the feeling of glamorouse romantic scenary. Replenish your soul energy with the pure air of Bali for rejuvenating sleep. Swich off all the lights and A/C at nigh and take a naked swim under the sky of the thousand stars. Your personal private pool just for you in the middle of the pure nature. Sounds of the nearby temple reminding you there is a ceremony again. Its Bali, The Island of Gods.

Guest access

The villa is totally private for you. You only you have access direct to your private swimming pool, your kitchennette, your ensuite private bathroom, your private garden, and no one else can enter in your villa. Even the staff has estrict rules of No Disturb and cannot enter when you are in the villa.

Source: www.airbnb.com