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Property / May 26, 2017

What do you need to expose your property on the real estate market so your villa/house or land gets enough attention from potential buyers? What you need is a good ranked website on the main search engine like Google!!

And here is the trick, many real estate/property agents (you probably know the big companies and names) only use their websites to advertise their enlisted properties and hope that every now and then a potential client send an enquiry or shows up. The agents invest money (like adverts on Google and SEO optimization companies) to rank their website high in the Google rankings so potential buyers will end up at their website because it is on top of the list.

But do you have the time to make a website and every day updating it, spending money on it so Google will rank it on top of the, you don't. Only if you knew that invest money on Google adverts isn't enough to rank your website high on Goolge, the history of a website is also important and many more details like SEO.

For you it is important that you only want to expose your property to sell, so what you need is to advertise your property on a good website ranked high on Google. The property agents are happy to list you on their website and charge a 5% fee after a closed deal.

And now we bring you the solution to sell your property and save you the agent's fee. We give you the opportunity to place your property on our, on Google, good scoring and ranking websites and that is all you need to make the sales price of your property more competitive than other properties for sale in Bali, because you save a 5% of the selling price. And you increase your chances to sell.