The Dreamland Luxury Villa and Spa Jalan Raya Uluwatu Gang

Dreamland Luxury Villas Bali

Luxury Villas / January 2, 2017

It was my 1st time staying at C151 Dreamland, and I must say the villa already amazed me at Hello !!!

1st, by the time the door opens, I immediatedly saw THE MOST BEAUTIFUL INDIAN OCEAN From the living room !! SOOOO BREATHTAKING !! Love love !! And the villa soo huge, 3 storey villa with magnificent view !! The living room is in the 2nd floor, and we got 1 room in the 1st floor too, and we can see people swimming in the 2nd floor on the transparent glass !! Sooo Nice !! And the 3rd floor got the most beautiful bedroom with indian ocean view !!! Waking up with that such view, SUPERB !!!

2nd, this villa equipped with all automatic door, lights, and everything, and got wonderful audio sound system with our own minibar, PERPECT FOR PARTY !!!

3rd, the swimming pool is just amazing, heading to the indian ocean, and we can witness SUNSET BEAUTIFULLY !!! SOOO BREATHTAKING !!!

4th, breakfast was ok, not so special, but …. We can arrange BREAKFAST BY THE OCEAN, and that’s definitely something I don’t get every morning !! And YOU DESERVE TO TRY IT TOO !!

5th, so… Bottom line, this villa is definitely perfect for party, so huge, so beautiful, the view is very BREATHTAKING indeed !! Love it !!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! please check some of my pics !!