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Bali Luxury Villas Rentals

Luxury Villas / October 22, 2017

Since 1999, we have been managing and renting with love and care, exclusive and prestigious private luxury villas in Bali's most amazing locations helping you enjoy the best of this "Island of the Gods". When seeking the finest Bali luxury accommodation and cultural experiences, we customize villa vacations especially for you.

Founded by German Petra Graves, who created with Claude Graves the very exclusive and extraordinary Nihiwatu Resort, Bali Luxury Villas™ provides you with more than just a holiday in a rented villa. Bali, which Russian-born painter Walter Spies introduced to western cultural figures in the 1930s, has a unique and colorful culture, that we will help you experience in all its diversity, beauty and comfort. We have been designing exclusive Bali vacations for over 10 years, creating memories sure to last a lifetime, to our most sophisticated guests

Whatever the Bali experience you seek, our luxury Bali villas provide sheer comfort and total privacy. We offer true holiday home rentals for those seeking fun, romance or family time. Simply tell us what you wish for and we will tailor-make your ideal Bali villa holiday.

Your private luxury Bali villa features 5-star service. From an in-house chef talented in both local and international cuisine to a concierge service ready to meet your every need, a stay in our luxury villas in Bali will pamper you exactly as you deserve. Our tailor-made luxury vacation packages provide you with the authentic cultural experience that will alter how you see the world. Feel the local charm this island has to offer while enjoying the lavishness of your private luxury villa in Bali in Bali.